Sewage treatment services

Sewage treatment services throughout Peterborough

Here at Welton Environmental Ltd we provide expert sewage treatment to Peterborough and the surrounding areas. We offer environmental solutions for sewage treatment.
Sewage treatment  plants

Sewage treatment 

We have innovative and efficient sewage treatment plants for both domestic and commercial use, ranging in size and use.
These include single unit plants for 
home use, as well as large sewage treatment plants for sizeable areas. Plus, we can 
convert your septic tank into a sewage treatment plant.
Find the right sewage treatment plant
Package pump  stations

Package pump 

At Welton Environmental our pump stations allow you to keep sewage and water clean, contained and easily disposable.
As well as raw sewage pump stations we also have dirty water and storm water pump stations that pump water away from dwellings and commercial buildings.
Efficient sewage pump stations
Sludge dewatering equipment

Sludge dewatering equipment

Our equipment dewaters sludge from wastewater treatment plants.
You can get the innovative Teknobag Draimad sack filter from us as well as the Monobelt Sludge Belt Press.
Contact us to learn more about our sewage services in Peterborough.
Innovative sludge dewatering options
Call Welton Environmental Ltd today for environmental solutions for sewage treatment on
01778 346 561 
07715 454 337
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