Pump Stations

Raw sewage pump stations

We can provide you with fully automatic packaged raw sewage pump stations. We have a range of sizes available to suit your specific inlet depth and required 24 hour storage capacity. They also come as either single or dual pumps, pre-assembled in a high quality GRP chamber.

Dirty water pump stations

We also provide dirty water pump stations in Peterborough. They are ideal for pumping treated effluent from sewage treatment plants and septic tanks or any slightly polluted water.

To find out more about our pump stations, please get in touch.
Raw sewage pump stations
Storm water pump stations

Storm water pump stations

  • Fully automatic packaged pump stations
  • Suitable for 50mm per hour storm rate
  • Dual pumps
  • Pre-assembled in a GRP chamber
  • A range of sizes available
  • Ideal for domestic dwellings
  • Also suitable for car parks
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