Sludge Dewatering

Sludge dewatering - Teknobag Draimad sack filter

We provide several sludge dewatering systems to the Peterborough area, including The Teknobag Draimad sack filter. It dewaters and bags sludge from domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Monobelt sludge belt press

You can also get the innovative Monobelt sludge belt press from Welton Environmental Ltd. It’s a dual sludge dewatering unit comprising a pre-thickener and a sludge press.
The unit produces a dryer cake than traditional equipment.
Sludge dewatering
Scrudrain sludge thickener

Scrudrain sludge thickener

  • Standalone sludge dewatering unit
  • Can be incorporated into the Monobelt
  • Low polyelectrolyte consumption
  • Can thicken up to 60m³ of sludge per hour
  • Includes washing pump and control panel
  • Control the sludge concentration
We provide innovative sludge dewatering systems to the Peterborough area at competitive prices. 
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